I finished some videos that I wanted to go live before Black Friday, as there are some discount codes I don’t want anyone to miss out on.  I also made a pearl covered pumpkin and thought that would be a nice way to post a video, as well as wish viewers a happy Thanksgiving.

I’ve been working diligently on the four cards I created from the card kit for Scrapping for Less and Rich has been working on editing the video tonight.  In the middle of it, he came to me and said he’s missing a memory stick (again!)  I’m starting to get so frustrated with this continuous problem, that I’m almost ready to throw in the towel on the channel.  I don’t have any ideas on how I can avoid these sticks being misplaced, as I put them in an envelope inside a notebook with all of the information I need edited.  If there is more than one video on that memory card, Rich sometimes accidentally deletes the extra videos, which is what happened with my sister’s birthday card.  I’d love to show you that video, but if he doesn’t find the first three clips, it’s pointless, because I did all of the work with the Nuvo powders in those clips.  Tonight he thought there were two missing clips.  I thought I was going to lose my mind because I’ve been working on those cards for days and if one card’s videos were missing, I had no idea how to overcome the problem.  We went through every notebook and my office, when apparently an idea came to him, and he said he found the clips.  I told him if we hadn’t found those clips I was seriously considering throwing in the towel on the channel, because I just can’t handle putting so much work into a project, just to have the video disappear.   So I’m coming up with a new plan.  I think I’m going to copy the memory card onto the hard drive of my computer, and if the clips disappear, I’ll have a back up.  I just can’t keep going through this, it’s just too stressful.  That might sound a little bit hysterical to you, but this is three times in a two weeks that we’ve gone through every memory card trying to find missing clips, and it’s work that’s lost, and seemingly for two of the videos, not to be recovered.

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