I’ve been working like crazy, trying to come up with an idea for a Valentine wreath one of my viewers asked me to make.  I had a terrific idea that involved gluing pieces of candy to a wreath form, but once I figured out how many Tootsie Rolls it would take, I threw in the towel on it.  I thought about doing a wreath out of fabric strips, but when I saw a video on that, it looked like my fingers wouldn’t be able to easily fit between the wire rows on the wreath form, so strike two.  I remembered a really interesting “wreath” that I saw somewhere that was an empty large frame with different items strung inside at different heights, and thought it was adorable.  So I went on a quest (keep in mind I’ve been on this quest for several days), trying to find something that was three dimensional that would fit inside the frame.  I have a large frame that should work perfectly, and found one and I tried to find more things, that I could glue inside.

Last night I started working on the wreath, and it took an entire bottle of glitter to make the center “Love” word look good.  I’m not sure if anyone will like the “wreath” but I’m going to rip it apart after Valentine’s Day and recreate it for St. Patrick’s Day, then rip it apart for Easter, etc.  I really hope viewers think it’s a great idea, repurposing something like this, and in the end, I wasn’t thrilled, but was happy with my results.  The video should go live tonight or tomorrow morning.

I’ve also been working on a pocket card.  I’ve really struggled with it and tonight I think I’m going to master my own version of one.  I couldn’t sleep last night until I wrote down the dimensions I thought it would take to create this card…I might be wrong, but I hope it works.  I made one version and although it looks all right, I couldn’t put it back together, so that’s not a winner.  Tonight’s version is going to be the one…I’m hoping so any way…If not, I’m not sure what I’ll do…

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