Yesterday I really felt like I could accomplish some things in my craft room, so took all of the new stamp and dies I’d bought and put them in their storage, and of course, ran out of CD cases…isn’t that always the way it goes?  So I need to order more of those before I finish the job…

Then I woke up at 5AM and couldn’t sleep, so went back to the craft room and organized paints and cleaned more.  I am trying to get the room ready for one of my viewers who planned on coming the day after Easter to show me how to make foamiran flowers.  Unfortunately, she called today and said she has to delay our visit until mid May, so that gives me more time to get my room in order.

I have no energy to do much, and am starting to worry that I’m so exhausted all of the time.  I sleep a lot and nap during the day, and still feel tired.  I need to call my rheumatologist and have blood work done to make sure nothing’s going awry there.  I might  just need to put myself on a burst of prednisone, but won’t do that until after the blood work.

I feel terrible that I’m not putting up many videos, but need to feel better first.

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