Comparison Rhinestone, Gem, Button, Bead, Sequin Picker (Pick Up Tool)

DIY–Using a skewer, a match, a Q-tip with the cotton removed, the end of a paint brush (basically anything that has a stick shape.) Two options below:

Skewer w/ hot wax— Cut the skewer in half with a craft knife and dip the end of one half in hot wax from a lit candle. Let it dry and then lightly touch your sequins, beads, etc. to pick them up.  I found this technique leaves wax behind on rounded surfaces when you have to push to get it to pick it up. Pearls were especially tricky with this tool. It might work better if I had let the wax dry longer.

Skewer with Glue Dots (homemade) –Use Aleene’s Tack it Over and Over on old Glue Dot backing paper and let it dry. Link to Aleene’s Tack it Over and Over You’ll take a couple of the dots and wrap them around the end of the skewer and then lightly dab it on sequins, beads to pick them up. I found that this was a little tricky to remove the sequin/bead from when trying to adhere them to paper. Maybe once it has been used a few times it will let go easier…

Wax Pencil Pick Up Tool link: 30 cents. You need to sharpen this when you get it, so I carved mine to get a wide tip. Maybe I should have used my regular pencil sharpener, but I found it didn’t hold things as well as the other tools and it doesn’t like picking up rounded things like a pearl or a mini bead easily.

Dotting Wax Pen Rhinestone Holder link: It was 59 cents when I bought it, but shipping has raised the price to 68 cents. You need to press the end into the pink wax that come with it (after removing the plastic from one side of the wax) and then pick up beads etc with it. I really liked this tool, but wonder if the pink wax dries out… For the price, though, it’s great, and it comes with a holder for sequins/beads.

Dual End Rhinestone Picker link: $1.79 The first one I got in the mail had an issue where the top of the rubber part came folded over, and broke off…I did get a replacement. It has a pokey tool on one end that works well to push pearls off their backing.  I found this to be one of my favorites.

Rhinestone Pick up Tool $2.77 the price has gone up since I bought mine and it’s now $3.41 link:
It comes in a nice plastic case and one end you can press in wax to pick up small things or use it as a pokey tool. It didn’t work as well as the other tools, as the rubber part seemed to be too hard and too big, and didn’t pick up things easily.

Pick up Tool from Ecstasy Crafts– $4.20 + shipping for two of them. I really liked these tools and these were probably my favorite for ease of use and the way they felt in my hand. The only thing I wonder about is that the rubber is kind of sticky, and if you leave it out, I wonder if dog hairs, glitter, etc. will attach to the rubber..I probably will store these in a plastic bag.

Silhouette QuickStik link: It was $6.49 when I bought it, but is now $7.49 full price at Joanns. It might be a little bit different since it’s also now not made by WRMK. I liked this tool because the rubber is covered, plus it has the plastic end that converts from a flat plastic piece to a pokey tool.

My favorites:
Dotting Wax Pen 59 cents
Dual End Rhinestone Picker $1.79
Pick up Tool from Ecstasy Crafts $4.20 for 2 plus shipping
Quick Stik from Silhouette $7.49

All in all, it comes down to a matter of preference, and I hope I gave you enough options to find one that will work well for you.

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