Happy Tax Day!  I have to say, when our taxes are done and in the mail, I feel like I have the weight of the world off of my shoulders.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably read the post where we took our taxes to our local library, where the government works in conjunction with our local college to do our taxes for free.  Our taxes aren’t really complicated, but the student who worked on them, had a couple of questions for his supervisor.  The supervisor, who I thought should have been familiar with the forms I gave him, seemed at a loss for what should be done.  In the end, we needed to pay the state of PA $39 for the year.  The supervisor told us to “just send the state $50 sometime this year.”  I think we all know that sounded wrong, so then I started fretting….and couldn’t stop until I took them to a friend who works at a tax service.  (I didn’t know she worked at a tax service until after the library issue, otherwise, I would have taken them to her first.)  She looked over everything they had done, and the taxes were correct, but the $39 rule, was not.  She gave us the forms and envelopes to send the money to the state.  And then she told me we didn’t need to pay them anything for the work they had done.  That was so sweet of her, and I didn’t feel comfortable doing that, so decided to call them today and find out what day this week I could bring them lunch and made sure they chose a restaurant they liked.  So Thursday I’ll be taking them lunch.  It’s a small price to pay for taking such a load off of my mind.

And I’ve been back in the craft room, working on the pick up tool comparison video and a travellers journal video.  The travellers journal video won’t go live for a couple of days, but I’m glad I got the pick up tool video on…I haven’t had the energy to do much and feel like I’m really letting all of you down.  I’m sorry about that, and called my doctor’s office today to have my blood work done, just to make sure there’s nothing awry.  I think I’ve already talked about this, but if I didn’t, now you know the scoop….

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