You can’t believe how much I accomplished today.  Some days I don’t even bother opening the door to my craft room but today, I was inspired.  I ended up  making three videos, and I’m excited about all of the cards I created.

I started with Flower Soft and a stencil I got from Stencil Revolution of a piece of lavender.  I’ve never found anything I wanted to use the Flower Soft on, and this was the perfect card for it.  I loved the light and dark lavender shades I had and I think the card came out pretty great.  I used a hummingbird stamp on it and added Stickles to its breast and wings….I have to say, I like Flower Soft and hope I find other ways to use it.

My second card was a shaker card using a stamp set from Brutus Monroe of feathers.  I added some Arteza Holographic glitter inside the card and I think it turned out pretty great….My last card was all glitter.  Arteza sent me their big set of glitter and I decided to make a spring inspired card for my friend Adrian who lives in Romania.  This is the third card I’ve made for him and hope that he receives it, as the first two I sent him, he didn’t get.  I’m not sure what went wrong, but I really hope this time (third time) is the charm.

The card I made him is birch trees without leaves…I normally would only use that stencil in fall or winter, but I thought it could also be used for early spring, so that’s what I did..I really had fun with it and hope he likes it….I’m still crossing my fingers that he actually gets it.

All in all, it was a great day in the craft room.

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