Yesterday we went to several garage sales and I found some stuffed animals for the dogs and then went to the Dollar Tree to stock up on things I needed for the wedding…bags, tissues paper, etc.  I needed to get my blood work done for my rheumatology appointment next week,  and then it was date night….No new movies at Red Box, so we watched some things on Amazon and NetFlix…I have to be honest, I don’t think there are many great things to watch on either of those channels, and if any of you have something you think we should watch, please let me know…I think we’ve watched just about every NetFlix television series and some are good, but once you’ve binge watched those, it’s either really old movies, or things we watch for ten minutes and then flip to something new.

Today, we went to a few garage sales and I came home and took seeds out of some of my perennials and replanted them in spots I felt needed something.  I know you’re supposed to just let them fall when they may and go from there, but I like to put seeds where I want things to grow, and not rely on the wind or birds to put them where I want them.  I took the dogs outside with me, and they were nothing but trouble…Honey laid in the plants and got dirt and mud on her stomach, and being white, it’s not a good look for her…Bella, whose normally a perfectly behaved, laid-back dog, decided to roll her neck in deer poop…..so she had to be bathed…If you could see the shame on her face when she’s done something wrong, it’s hard to watch…All Rich has to say is “Bella, what did you do?” and you’d think he beats the poor thing.  Rich is surrounded by sensitive girls, and wishes he had a manly-man dog that didn’t slink away like they’re being beaten when you ask them what did they do….(I, on the other hand, like having girly dogs, as they are more clingy, and I like my dogs to want to hang out with me.  Is this all about me?  Maybe so….)

I found a couple of cute bird houses at a garage sale so can get rid of my old ones that are falling apart.  And stuffed animals because the dogs greet me at the door, waiting to rip a toy out of my hands…If I don’t have one, they look like they are heart broken…No, I don’t think they’re spoiled….at all.

Rich is making a peach pie (don’t ask him the recipe, as he won’t give it to you, haha) for friends who lost their father this morning.   He’s been ill for a long time, and has been in a nursing home for at least a year.  It’s hard losing a parent, no matter how old we are when it happens.  They’ve invited friends over tonight, to help celebrate his life.  I think it would be nice if we can do that whenever possible, especially for people who’ve live a long life.


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