Iris Paper Folding Made Easy

I was sent the pattern and card bases from a viewer, Janice. She bought the premade bases and as soon as she lets me know, I’ll update so you know where you can purchase them.

I apologize for the weird changes in loudness as my camera kept cutting out and I had to fill with a second microphone…I know it sounds terrible and wish that it didn’t.. Luckily, it’s only a few places in the video.
When you start this process, you’ll get a black and white image of the (in my case) rocket, and a grid of numbers with a corresponding letter, below. You need to assign a color to each of the letters, so you know when you see the correlating numbers, you’ll need to use the color you’ve assigned to that letter. I created my colors by using copy paper and alcohol markers to color the paper. You might think it looks splotchy, but don’t worry, you don’t see enough of the color to notice once it’s finished. I cut my paper in 1″ widths then scored the back of the 1″ strips at 1/2″ so I could easily fold the paper...Don’t press hard if you use copy paper when scoring, or you’ll tear your paper. Normally, people use 5/8″ strips, but I went with Janice’s recommendation of using 1″ strips and folding them in half. Don’t use thicker paper like card stock, as it becomes really bulky on the back.
I took a paper pocket protector and put the explanation grid inside it (per Janice’s instructions) and laid the template on top of the pocket protector and taped it in two places so it’s held against the template tightly, yet you can take off the tape to look at the front if you want.
You’ll start on the outside images and work your way in. You’ll fold your paper in half and make sure the fold is flat, and the folded part needs to face into the middle of your project, not toward the outside, so the folds create some dimensions to the piece. Cut your paper pieces so they just cover the area of the number they are covering. Don’t jump around the design, as you need the papers to layer on each other from the outside into the center. The center piece in Iris paper folding is normally either blank, or beads are placed there, or, in my case, (and Janices) we covered ours with a corresponding color...I could have used paper to cover the tail and the star at the bottom, but decided to use embossing powder instead. I used a 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ card base and laid it under the template, making sure they were perfectly lined up. I used an embossing marker from Ranger and drew through the template with the marker, on the string and star, then removed the template and put black embossing powder over them and heat set them. I wanted the card to be for our troops overseas, so used stamp sets Printworks, Celebrate America and a set from Perfectly Clear Stamps #SSC105. I used Gina K’s ink in Blue Denim and Stampin’ Up’s Real Red ink. I used Peg Stamps ( stamp called Stars Twinkling Three (link: in both the blue and red inks all over the front of the card, then put tear tape on the back of the arrow card front, along with wet glue and attached it to the front of the card making sure they are completely lined up with each other before pressing them together. I added sentiments to the inside from the Celebrate America stamp set (that is retired and I couldn’t find online..sorry)
I stamped the back of the card with the Made by Sandy Parker stamp that I bought at Stampanda…use a coupon and the square stamp in the Molly pattern to create my exact stamp….If you don’t use a coupon, you’re going to pay almost $50 for it…I think I paid a little over $20…
I stamped the envelopes with the pegstamps Stars Three Twinkling….link:   I love using peg stamps for my envelopes, as they always make such a difference and are simple for me to use…and find. Here’s my peg stamp storage system from the Dollar Tree…it’s the perfect size box to stand the peg stamps upright. If you watch the very beginning of this video, you’ll see my storage system in detail…

If you’d like to participate by sending cards to our service men and women overseas, please send cards to the following address:
Project Support Our TroopsSupport-our-troops-2
PO Box 771
13240 Dunham Road
Meadville, PA 16335


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