Fansells com Diamond Painting Haul, + Alternative Use for a Luggage Tag

The nice people at sent me several of their products to try. I was able to choose the products I was sent, and focused on non-diamond paintings since I don’t have much wall space available.

I started by showing what Fansells calls a “boarding pass,” in their search listing, but in reality, it’s a luggage tag. I wasn’t sure how practical the luggage tag would be to use on standard luggage, so came up with an alternative use for it. I made it into a paper pad. You can use it for a luggage tag, and I’d probably only use it on my carry on luggage, as I wouldn’t want to ruin the pretty Mandala image.

Luggage Tag:

Diamond Painting Special Shape Mandala Pattern Luggage Boarding Pass Link:   I cut copy paper to 2 1/8″ wide by 4 5/8″ long and used my Kadomaru Corner rounder (link on Amazon: to round the corners on the largest setting. I took an old Stampin’ Up horizontal slot punch (it’s retired, so the links I found are on ebay: and laid the first paper up to the luggage tag and making sure it was centered and the paper wasn’t visible from the back of the luggage tag, drew a mark where the horizontal slot was, then using the slot punch upside down, punched the entire mark I’d drawn. I also made a back cover for the luggage tag paper pad I was making, by cutting thin cardboard (backing from a paper pad) to 2 1/4″ wide x 4 3/4″ long and rounded the corners, then drew the hole by lining it up with the luggage tag, making a mark for the hole, then cutting the hole with my horizontal slot punch. I covered the cardboard with two pieces of patterned paper and followed the same steps, rounding the corners and cutting the slot. I adhered the patterned paper to the cardboard with tear tape and Tombow Mono Glue to allow me to move the paper if it was laid down imperfectly (and you know that happens.)


Mandala Special Shaped Diamond Painting 50 Pages Sketchbook A5 Notebook Link:

Peafowl Special Shaped Diamond Painting 50 Pages A5 Students Sketchbook (Peacock) Link:

I wanted to share my storage system with you.

For small diamond projects,  I bought a box from the Dollar Tree                                         link:  and wrote on the inside of the box with a black Sharpie, a number for each opening. I then put the small baggies of diamonds you get in a small project like the luggage tag and notebooks inside, to keep me organized and allow me to easily find the correct diamonds.

For larger diamond paintings, you’ll get a lot of different diamond colors (usually under 40) and you’ll need to keep them organized and in small covered bottles to allow you to find and distribute them easily.  You’ll need to keep the round drills separate from the square drills, and you’ll want to use the code for the painting they came with as well as the embroidery floss codes on the bottles (to be able to combine the colors with other diamonds you have left over.

I bought two different systems. One on ebay for $2.67 that has 28 compartments (link: and a larger storage system from Joanns (mine had 30 bottles, but I couldn’t find it online at Joanns) Here’s the same system with fewer compartments than mine. link:

All of “diamond paintings” (which covers everything I’m showing in this video,) will always come with a tray for your drills (the proper term for diamonds,) a small piece of wax, and a pen to pick the diamonds up with. Any true diamond paintings will also come with a few extra small plastic bags (in case you need them for diamond storage.)

Passport Cover:

Special Shaped Diamond Painting Travel Passport Protective Cover Crafts Link:

Diamond Paintings:

Tree of Life 30 x 40 cm Link: Round Drills

5D DIY Full Drill Diamond Painting Words Embroidery Mosaic Craft Kit Decor, 30 x 30Round Drills,  Someone we love is in heaven: link:

I’d like to thank the wonderful people at for sending me these great diamond painting items, and hope you’ll go to their website and see the wide selection they offer.

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