Yesterday, I got serious in my craft room, trying to finish several videos.  I think I made three or four….I wanted to make de-stress bottles, also known as sensory bottles, so played around with those.  I used different types of bottles so people would know you don’t have to buy a special bottle…but in the end, I realized that even though I ran a pickle jar through my dishwasher, it still had a pickle smell, and the seal wasn’t great, so it kept leaking….not the best outcome.  I decided to stick to pint jars, water bottles and a small plastic bottle I had in my stash.  I tried pom-poms in colored water, different glitters with clear kid’s glue in water, and glitter, beads and table scatters with glycerin in colored water…all are lots of fun and highly entertaining.  I had Rich try one out, and he said he didn’t know how it was doing for stress, but he found it highly mesmerizing, and I took that as a good sign…

I made an Easter decoration with a small Dollar Tree container, a Dollar Tree succulent, Dollar Tree moss, and Dollar Tree styrofoam eggs I cut in half and glued to the outside of the glass container.  I think it turned out kind of cute, and next year, I’ll shop early, buy the Dollar Tree carrots I wanted, and will rip the eggs off the glass container and make it a carrot Easter decoration.  After all, this year, I think it will be a quiet Easter. since we’ll probably all still be self-quarantining by then.

I made a Dollar Tree haul video before I put everything together to make the egg container….as I’d bought a bunch of things at a larger Dollar Tree while I was out looking for the carrots I wanted…Keeping in mind, this was before we were supposed to be staying home.

I need to finish the art journal pages I’ve been working on, and may finish that today.  I need to complete the de-stressing/sensory bottles, as they need to have time for the foam to settle and to fill them the rest of the way with water.  I made a vow that I would try to upload a video every other day while we are quarantined and so far, have been able to keep Rich on task for editing and music.  I really think he has the tougher job of the two of us since I make so many mistakes that need to be edited out..

Rich had his annual physical scheduled for today and honestly, I thought our doctor would cancel it since Rich doesn’t have many health issues….but she didn’t.  I thought she’d want to keep her patients away from each other and at home, but again, it didn’t seem to concern her.  I’m not overly thrilled that she exposed Rich to other patients, but he does keep as far away from others as possible….and I’m hoping with his vigilant hand sanitizing/washing, that he’ll continue to be safe.  I’m still not leaving the house….

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