I’ve been making some last minute Easter cards and showed how to layer die cuts so you know how to make multi-colored die cuts.  I think a lot of people think that when they see a die cut that has a few colors, that they somehow come that way, but it does take some extra work to get the finished results to look good.

I also finished a diamond painting of the vintage car garage….and I really like the end results.

I made a postcard with a bunch of rabbits that I used masks to position the bunnies next to each other, and that card probably took two hours to create with masking, stamping and coloring, so I decided not to make it into a video.  I know I should have, but don’t think anyone would want to sit through a video of that length to make such a simple card.  I’ll be sure to show you a photo of it in an upcoming blog post.

Mainly, I’ve been thinking about how to DIY masks, and here’s the video that does the best job of creating a really good mask.  If you read the comments below the video, you’ll see that this mask has been studied and a doctor at UNC came up with some variations that makes this mask more effective than the ones used in hospitals.  Here’s the video in case any of you would like to make your own masks.  It doesn’t require sewing, and if you have shop towels (thicker paper towels), long rubber bands, scotch tape, staples and small paperclips, you can make these masks with what you have.  I’ll give you a link to the longer rubber bands that the doctor recommends.  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001GKO2L6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

My girlfriend and I are splitting the pound box of rubber bands and I have a ton of paper clips to share with her…I’m going to try doubling the shop towels for the highest efficacy, but if doubling them makes it too hard to breathe through, I’ll go back to single towels.  I’m hoping that by using the long rubber bands and only using one per mask, that it will be more comfortable than wrapping the rubber bands around my ears…When he puts the mask on, it doesn’t look very comfortable…If you need to make a mask, Walmart has the double rolls of shop towels on hand in their stores. (At least ours does.)

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