Dollar Tree DIY Easter Table Decoration

Below you’ll find complete instructions, as well as products used in making this project.

I used the Easter egg picks shown in this Dollar Tree photo:

3″ square glass votive holder link:

Succulent clip:

Garden Floral Moss: Note: mine came with a few small pine cones, but you won’t see them once everything is in place.

1 1/2″ wide Organza ribbon..I’ve had mine for a while, and found this similar option: You don’t want it to have wire and it should be organza as you don’t want the ribbon to be showing through the eggs much, as the eggs are the stars of the show.

You’ll need a hot glue gun. My favorite is the Gorilla Glue multi-temp mini glue gun…link: It doesn’t leak, and works great. I found mine at my local Joanns, and it was around $5 with a coupon. doesn’t offer the mini version any more, so I couldn’t link their website, sorry.

I decorated my eggs by using embroidery floss link: dipped into regular school glue and then wrapped on the side of the egg. I added a little glitter and recommend using clear or light colored glitter, as darker shades are too bright. Let the embroidery floss dry on the egg before gluing the project together.

To make the decoration: 

First, I removed the sticks from the egg picks and then used a craft knife, cut the eggs in half from top to bottom. You’ll want to cut around the entire egg with the craft knife, until it separates. You could also use a sharp kitchen knife like a steak knife.  Don’t use a tool (like scissors) that will squeeze the eggs, as they are styrofoam, and will be crushed.  After cutting the eggs in half, rub the two sides against each other over a garbage can, to remove any excess styrofoam from the center.

I laid a piece of ribbon that was about 2 ft. long on the side of the votive holder with a glue dot (so I would know where the eggs should be glued) I found that three half-eggs covered one side of the votive holder, so you’ll need twelve half eggs…I cut all of the eggs from the egg picks and used the leftover eggs to tuck under the succulent when the project was done. I alternated the colors of the eggs so there was a lot of variety in color. I hot glued the ribbon to the side of the votive holder and was going to make a bow, but then decided it would look better without the bow, so cut and glued the ends of the ribbons under the eggs. I took the moss and filled the votive holder, then glued the succulent to the top (after removing the clip from the succulent) and put the leftover egg halves under the succulent.

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