Fixing a Hot Mess in My Art Journal w/ Alcohol Inks

I hated the “Hot Mess” page in my art journal and decided I wanted to cover it. So I took cardboard (box of cereal) and used PVA Glue (Link: and adhered a sheet of aluminum foil to the cardboard. Try to get rid of as many wrinkles and bubbles as possible. I do this by rubbing the foil with the side of my hand to push the wrinkles/bubbles to the edge.

To sharpen scissors, fold aluminum foil to make several layers and then cut through the foil repeatedly..

I used a Cuttlebug Paisley Rose Embossing Folder by Anna Griffin and is no longer available (that I could find. Sorry.) I cut the cardboard lined with aluminum foil to fit the embossing folder and ran it through my Vagabond (link: ). I ended up cutting one of the images in half (from top to bottom), as you need the equivalent of one and one-half of the complete embossed image. I found out that if I turned one of the panels upside down, it looked like it was meant to be attached on the left side of the middle piece. (left side of the embossed image.) If that was confusing, I’m sorry. The full embossed image is the right panel and the center panel and then the left panel is the upside down piece.  (Maybe that clarified it for you.) I glued these onto the journal with a lot of PVA glue, as I had to ensure it would stay there permanently. After the glue was set, I used an alcohol ink palette from Ranger (link: I use primarily Ranger Alcohol Inks and put them into the palette. When they dry out, I add Alcohol Blending Solution (link: and I use the Ranger Alcohol Ink tool set (link: brushes to paint with. I painted the images with a bunch of different alcohol ink colors, and had to add a lot of blending solution to my colors, as the lights dry out the alcohol inks really quickly.

It was an easy way to get rid of a hot mess..

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