Yesterday I went to some garage sales and found a big dresser at one that I really liked.  I’m committed to getting my craft room into some kind of order.  I can barely walk through the room because I have so many things with no place to put them…because I’m a crafty hoarder.  Hi, My name is Sandy, and I’m a crafty hoarder….

Rich already painted it so it’s ready to go.  And my girlfriend has a couple more tall dressers that she’s willing to give me.  I have one already and want to put both of the new dressers in place and then fill them.  I think I’ll take everything that’s on the floor and put them into the spare bedroom, put the dressers in place, then one-by-one, fill the dressers from the things in the other bedroom.  I can’t imagine doing it another way, as there’s just so much stuff….

I framed the Mickey Mouse diamond painting I made for a friend’s new grandson (they visit Disney every year), so I thought it would be a good gift for a new baby.  I have only been to Disney once, and I don’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t as much fun as I thought it would be.  I think it had to do with my arthritis, as it was the first time I had every ridden in a wheelchair, and I felt so bad about myself, that I couldn’t enjoy it.  Plus Rich didn’t know how to handle curbs, so almost tossed me out of the wheelchair on several occasions.  I don’t think anyone ever considers how you navigate a wheelchair until you use one…It can be tricky.

Today we’re going to movies with friends for the first time since Covid.  I’m not sure how the theater will protect us from others, but their tickets assign your seat number, so I’ll bet they’ve blocked out a bunch of seats so people can social distance. I’m not sure about masks wearing either…I’ll let you know in my next post how it went.  We love going to movies, and it’s been an odd spring/summer, without them.

We took a couple of photos of the dogs and thought I’d share them with you.  The first is Bella, showing Rich a bone she has (not a real one…they’re smelly and gross.)  The second is Honey laying on her safe spot, a love seat that’s beside the chair I sit in.  I don’t know how she always manages to move the love seat cover so it’s not under her, but she does.  Makes me crazy.  I never thought I’d be one of those people who has dog covers on my furniture, but these two dogs have the run of the house and we can’t seem to manhandle them into staying off the furniture…Let’s face it, we’re too old and beat down by these two….Could you say no to these faces?

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